Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tonight, I Finally Meet the Best Candidate to Be Our Next President

Tonight, I shook hands with Mitt Romney. He was in Reno greeting supporters and the media before flying out to Wyoming tomorrow. Even though I had previously endorsed him, I wanted to take the measure of the man. In one word: solid. My hand still hurts from his powerful handshake. This guy is full of energy and optimism. I talked to him about his rescue of a 14 year old girl and his rescue of boaters and kayakers at his summer home in New Hampshire.

Governor Romney is a man of faith and substance, with the life experience and business acumen to lead our country in the future. The Yalies have been running things since 1989 when Bush Senior took office. Its time to break the Bush Clinton dynastic rule. If we elect Hillary, will it be Jeb Bush after her, followed by Chelsea Clinton? Is this your vision of America? (A hopeful sign - Obama is now beating Hillary in Iowa)

When I talk to people about Mitt, the first thing they say is he is a Mormon. I tell him he is a man of faith, who believes in God and practices what he believes. The proof is in the pudding. Married only once, with good kids that love him, lets give Mitt a chance. Believing firmly in God, Mitt agrees with the founding fathers, that our rights as men and women are God given, not given to us by man. Rather than turning people off, we should embrace a candidate who has a deep seated religious faith. This guy is real. After meeting most of the presidential candidates, this democrat was shocked to find that the best candidate in the field is Willard Mitt Romney, a republican no less. But after talking to him tonight, I am now totally convinced he should be the next president of the United States.

Mitt Romney on Polar Bear Hunting:

Religious Affiliations of our Presidents, JFK on being a Catholic:

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