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Foremost Remote Viewer and Coast to Coast Crackpot Dr. Doom (Ed Dames) Remote Views Mars

Foremost remote viewer Ed Dames has not had a lot of luck remote viewing here on earth, so he picks another planet to remote view. From last night's Coast to Coast AM show:

 I will have to sign up for Ed's class in Reno next January. The last class he had was at the Sparks Nugget, the same weekend the Hells Angels and the Vagos shot up the place. Should be fun and talk about great blog material!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Seenos' vs Whittemore: What About Harvey Whittemore's Charges Against the Peppermill Casino Owners? Where are the Nevada Gaming Regulators?

Hey Harvey: Always check under your car before you start it.

Reno, Nev (KRNV & -- The battle between the controlling partners of the Peppermill Reno -- and a well-known Reno lobbyist -- is heating up. Last week, the Seeno brothers sued Harvey Whittemore on embezzlement charges for millions of dollars during their partnership. Now Whittemore is firing back.
The lawsuit reads, "this is a case involving racketeering and extortion based on threats of death... made by Albert Seeno, Jr. and Albert Seeno, III, against... Harvey Whittemore and his family. This case also involves a conspiracy between [the Seenos] and Thomas Seeno, to defraud the Whittemores... and take over [Wingfield Holding Company]...."
"The Seenos... majority owners of [Peppermill Reno]... are associated with organized crime networks..."
Whittemore's suit asks for $180 million in damages. That's in part because it states that during their partnership, Whittemore became indebted to Tom Seeno for $20 million. The suit says, "the Seenos told the Whittemores that, if they transferred all of their assets to the Seenos in payment of the debts to Seeno... they would receive an accounting and have the option to buy back into the company..."
It goes on to state that "Instead, the Seenos took all of the Whittemores' real and personal property... and eventually told the Whittemores that they would never be allowed to buy back into the company."
The kind of crimes alleged in this complaint are the kind of crimes you might see in a Hollywood movie. And the number of alleged crimes in this complaint are pretty shocking, everything from alleged bullying to alleged death threats to a "large" man hired by the Seenos, allegedly going to the home of Whittemore to steal jewels and assets from a safe.
The suit says that in August 2010, "Albert Seeno, Jr. became disgruntled about his investment in WNG. And that's when he "started falsely accusing Harvey Whittemore of embezzlement and fraud."


Harvey Whittemore's Reno Police Report Against the Seeno Family

Harvey Whittemore Arrest Warrant and Indictment

Harvey and Annette Whittemore Sue The Seenos

Seeno's Lawsuit Against Harvey and Annette Whittemore

A lawsuit filed in federal court accuses three Seenos and their associates of racketeering, including extortion, and mail, wire and tax fraud

FBI arrests Seeno executive, offers first glimpse into 2010 raid

West Wendover City Council members fail to reveal employment at Peppermill Casinos

Albert D. Seeno Jr., Nevada Gaming Complaint, Peppermill Casino Licensee Associated With Criminals

The Peppermill Casino, Albert D. Seeno Jr. and the Hells Angels 


By MATTHIAS GAFNI - Contra Costa Times

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. - A lawsuit accuses the leaders of a powerful Contra Costa County, Calif., family of threatening to kill a prominent Nevada lobbyist and friend of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid after a business deal went bad.
 After the multimillion-dollar Nevada real estate venture fell apart last year, Harvey Whittemore claims Albert Seeno Jr. and his son Albert III began threatening him and his family, even sending thugs to their homes to force open a safe filled with jewelry and breaking into a house to steal computer equipment while Albert III waited in a getaway car.
 The political power broker and his wife are seeking $1.8 billion in damages, claiming the Seeno father and son were involved in racketeering, extortion, grand larceny and threats. No criminal charges were filed, and an attorney for the Seenos on Friday dismissed the allegations.
The Seeno family collectively own companies worth more than $4 billion, and are worth between $100 million and $2 billion, according to Whittemore.
 The suit filed in a Nevada federal court Wednesday, alleging fraud among other things, also names Thomas Seeno, Albert Jr.'s brother.
 Whittemore, the Las Vegas gaming, alcohol and tobacco lobbyist, alleges that Seeno Jr. threatened to "take down" the state's "political machine" by going to the FBI with alleged financial misappropriations. In his lawsuit, Whittemore includes a copy of a Seeno employee e-mail to a supervisor expressing fear that he would be asked to commit crimes for the family, after Albert Seeno III called his work cell and told him to tell Whittemore: "I am gonna fly up to Reno and break his legs if we don't get our money."
 The lawsuit also includes tales of rifts and family secrets among the tight-lipped Seenos, including one brother who allegedly threatened to "murder" another.
 The Seeno family has sued and been sued countless times. In addition, the FBI raided the company's Concord, Calif., headquarters in February 2010, and the company and its leaders have been fined for environmental and gaming violations over the years.
 This latest lawsuit comes a week after the Seenos sued Whittemore in Las Vegas, claiming he embezzled and misappropriated tens of millions of dollars from their joint company to pay for a lavish lifestyle and curry favor in the Nevada political scene.
 Seeno attorney Kent Robison of Reno said Whittemore's suit was retaliation.
 "It is beyond fiction the accusations he's making, and essentially they are garbage. The act of a desperate man doing desperate things," Robison said.
 The allegations of physical violence are "brand new nonsense," Robison said. "He never expressed a word of fear before."
 As the housing market exploded in Nevada in 2004, Thomas Seeno, of Alamo, Calif., bought a half-interest in Wingfield Nevada Group, a conglomeration of business enterprises developed by Whittemore valued then at more than $500 million, according to the suit.
 Thomas Seeno asked Whittemore whether his brother, Albert Seeno Jr., a Clayton, Calif., resident, could buy an interest, the suit alleges, saying Albert Jr. would bring tremendous resources to the deal. "Albert and Tom had been 'fighting' for years, and they saw the WNG investment as a way to bring the brothers back together," according to the suit.
 Albert Jr. bought a one-third interest in February 2007, leaving all three men with equal ownership. By then, the company was worth $500 million to $1 billion.
 As part of the agreement, the Whittemores over the years borrowed about $20 million from Tom Seeno, the suit alleges.
The Seenos would come after that money.
 As the housing market dried up like the Las Vegas desert, the relationship between Whittemore and the Seeno brothers soured.
 In February 2009, Whittemore claims Albert Jr. and Tom asked for his assistance because the family owed the IRS more than $500 million in income taxes.
 Whittemore, an attorney, employed a tax strategy that allowed the Seenos to defer their taxes, negotiate new credit lines and increase their cash flow, he claimed in the suit.
 In August 2010, with the development market crumbling, Albert Jr. became disgruntled and accused Whittemore of embezzlement, fraud and other criminal activity. They met in the family's Peppermill Hotel and Casino.
 "At the conclusion of these threats, (Seeno Jr.) reminded Mr. Whittemore of the threats he had made about murdering his own brother, Thomas Seeno, with his own bare hands and then threatened Mr. Whittemore's life and the lives of his entire family if he did not do as he was expressly instructed by Albert Seeno Jr," according to the suit.
 The Seenos' attorney paints a different story, saying Whittemore told the Seenos he was broke and could not make his payments toward the company's growing debt. The Seenos audited the books and found that Whittemore had embezzled funds, according to the attorney.
 "They found millions of dollars pulled out for personal and political uses," Robison said.
 In one instance, Robison said they found evidence Whittemore used more than $200,000 to help pay for a party featuring former President Bill Clinton. The Seenos went to the gaming control board, FBI, Reno police and state bar association with allegations of embezzlement, Robison said.
Whittemore's attorney declined to comment because of the litigation.
 Under the threats, the Whittemores began transferring money to Tom Seeno to pay off his debts, the suit alleges.
 Whittemore said he also went to Reno police to report the threats.
 A Reno police spokesman did not return a call for comment.
 Whittemore claims that more than five times between September 2010 and January 2011, the Seenos directed employees to go to his homes to intimidate them into giving them assets - including jewelry, art, furs, wine and cars - in lieu of debt payments. He estimates he lost $5 million to $10 million in assets.
 Former Wingfield employee Brad Mamer, who e-mailed his supervisor last September that he would not commit any crimes for the Seenos, said Albert III, of Pittsburg, Calif., once brought him into his office and told him " ... We (expletive) everybody - that's the Seeno Way," according to Whittemore.
 Robison said Mamer was a "disgruntled former employee" and that assets were transferred to the Seenos from Whittemore voluntarily, to pay back the debt.


The Players in this Nevada Drama

Albert Seeno Jr.:

Albert Seeno III:

Harvey Whittemore:

 Watching and waiting to chime in - Nevada Gaming Commission Chairman Peter C. Bernhard:

Too bad Tony is still not alive. The Gaming Commission could give him a license:

Lefty: You came along too early. You might get a license to run a casino today!:

The Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease

Lobbyist Harvey Whittemore claims that some Peppermill Casino owners issued death threats against him and his family? I am shocked!

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MY DETAILED PROJECTION BY STATE: Blue is Obama, Red is Romney. There are a total of 538 electoral votes. Romney will win by 276 to 262. There is a saying: "As Nevada goes, so goes the nation." Not so this year. Click on the map below to enlarge.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Serial Killer Loose in Northern Nevada

Undersheriff Curtiss C. Kull from Humboldt County, Nevada is looking for a serial killer.

Patrick F. Carnes, 86, Missing Since April, Nevada (possible serial killer involved)

Police and the FBI are investigating at least 6 individuals who have disappeared from the I-80 corridor in Nevada under mysterious circumstances. LE believes there may be a team of truck drivers operating as serial killers working in the area.

Patrick Carnes, 86, is the most recent individual to go missing from the area. He was traveling from a visit to family in Ohio back home to Reno and had his 100-lb Akita-mix dog, Lucky, with him. His Subaru was found in the sagebrush near an I-80 off ramp parked in a suspicious manner. Police had stopped Carnes for a minor traffic violation about 9 pm on the night of April 13, 2011, and they estimate he would have reached the off ramp where his car was found around midnight.

Police are looking for help identifying the company who owns the tractor trailer on the left in this photo:

Information can be passed on to Curtiss C. Kull, Undersheriff with the Humboldt County Sheriff Office in Winnemucca, Nevada.

Missing Person Flyer:

Mr. Carnes disappeared at the same exit in Humboldt County as a woman in 2006. The Undersheriff needs a clue. Is this the work of a serial killer, a trucker out there in the middle of the night on the interstate system? Do you have any information?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Newt and Mitt: Take the Gloves Off Mitt! Gunfight at the OK Corral in Iowa!

Step up to the plate Mitt! You are a good guy, let the country know it! Listen to tonights debate if you have any doubt who is the best candidate.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Rick Perry: Help Us End Obama's War on Time Travel!

Brokeback Mountain Rick Perry, join him and time traveler Andrew Basagio and Ed Dames in Rick's effort to end Obama's war on time travel:

Mitt, take off the gloves, go after the Newt!
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