Sunday, February 26, 2012

Serial Killer Loose in Northern Nevada

Undersheriff Curtiss C. Kull from Humboldt County, Nevada is looking for a serial killer.

Patrick F. Carnes, 86, Missing Since April, Nevada (possible serial killer involved)

Police and the FBI are investigating at least 6 individuals who have disappeared from the I-80 corridor in Nevada under mysterious circumstances. LE believes there may be a team of truck drivers operating as serial killers working in the area.

Patrick Carnes, 86, is the most recent individual to go missing from the area. He was traveling from a visit to family in Ohio back home to Reno and had his 100-lb Akita-mix dog, Lucky, with him. His Subaru was found in the sagebrush near an I-80 off ramp parked in a suspicious manner. Police had stopped Carnes for a minor traffic violation about 9 pm on the night of April 13, 2011, and they estimate he would have reached the off ramp where his car was found around midnight.

Police are looking for help identifying the company who owns the tractor trailer on the left in this photo:

Information can be passed on to Curtiss C. Kull, Undersheriff with the Humboldt County Sheriff Office in Winnemucca, Nevada.

Missing Person Flyer:

Mr. Carnes disappeared at the same exit in Humboldt County as a woman in 2006. The Undersheriff needs a clue. Is this the work of a serial killer, a trucker out there in the middle of the night on the interstate system? Do you have any information?


Islam said...

serial killer haaa?

Anonymous said...

There's nothing funny about the "Truck Driver" Serial Killer's. They're an out of control scourge and have been since the early 1990's at least. Preying upon People of all ages. But, especially Teenage Girls who're runaway's.

Anyone, who preys upon "troubled youth" for any reason especially monstrous excuses for human's like these Trucker's are nothing to laugh at. As you are.

I have a Holy Quaran sitting next to my bed and could read off a passage or two against you for finding the death of this Poor Old Man at the hands of a monster something to laugh at.


My Prayer's are with Law Enforcement and Vigilant Citizen's to track down all these Evil Truck Driver Serial Killer's who have committed such evil and stop those intent from continuing to do so.

16 Year's Ago when I was much younger an 18 Month Old Baby was kidnapped from her parent's home in Manteca,Ca and found murdered and RAPED at a Rest Stop in Northern California near Oregon. The poster in our Pizza Parlour was soliciting donation's for the poor baby's funeral cost's. As her parent's were desperately poor. This horrid incident never made the headline's or caused a media circus the way it should've as, the family was poverty stricken. So no story there but, a poor unloved familie's tragedy. I will never forget this child and their family. Though their name's now elude me. I'll always keep them in my prayer's.

Anyway, long story short. It dawned on me right off the bat. That this must've been a trucker who committed this Unspeakably Evil Act. Why and how it took till just recently for Law Enforcement to figure out this so-called new pattern is behind me!

Though justice will be wrought sooner or later upon these monster's including our above Jerky Commentator. It certainly won't be soon enough in my opinion!

God Bless and Good Night!