Monday, July 23, 2007

We Agree With Mitt Romney - "Lighten Up Slightly"

We were impressed with how Mitt Romney handled this question. This guy looks and acts like a President:

We don't think the American people will hold Mitt's religion against him. He says if people have problems with Mormon theology to talk to the church. That made us wonder what do Mormons believe? We found this cartoon explaining the theology:

Here is a video dealing with Mitt Romney and Mormonism:

Shall we blame Mitt Romney for 9/11? September 11, 1857 that is:

Mitt Romney's religion is not going to be a factor in this election nor should it be. That was good advice Mitt gave the questioner in the first video. We got huge problems ahead. We need to know how Mitt and the other candidates are going to address them, not about what someone has on their sign or what Joseph Smith thought about things. This is going to be a long haul to the White House and we agree with Mitt Romney - lets lighten up!

One of Nevada's most popular governors was Kenny Guinn. I remember winning a free dinner to the governors mansion in Carson City a few years ago from the Reno radio station KKOH. I arrived a little late, there must of been at least fifty people there. After dinner we were invited on a tour of the governors mansion. I remember being in the kitchen when Governor Guinn came in with his tie loose. We talked about selling Nevada's power plants to out of state interests. That was the plan, he listened to my arguments against it and I remember the state changed their mind three weeks later. My input was not a factor of course, but Governor Guinn listened after a hard days work, and he was nice about it. Mitt Romney reminds me of the likable Governor Guinn. Kenny Guinn has endorsed Mitt Romney for President. Kenny Guinn's endorsement carries a lot of weight with this democrat. Mitt Romney might be a republican, he might even be a Mormon...but his last name is not Bush or Clinton. We need a smart person with a fresh perspective and who has the right stuff. Mitt Romney fills that bill. We look forward to meeting Mitt Romney the next time he is in Nevada.

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