Friday, December 29, 2006

Edwards Leaves Reno for North Carolina

What a hectic life it must be. John Edwards could only stay so long before he had to fly back to North Carolina to do early morning interview shows. Around 2,000 Nevadans showed up at the Grand Sierra Resort to see him tonight. The people seemed to like his answers. Most people had to stand up but since he was here for such a short time it didn't matter. His campaign has an amateurish quality to it that is refreshing. Its almost like he was running for Congress, it was pure grass roots - nothing fancy. A big American flag was up and some signs on the wall saying "Tomorrow Begins Today."

Edwards understands the power of the internet and video to reach a larger audience. He said ordinary citizens can start blogs that reporters use as sources and wants to keep the net free. Although Hillary has a wide early lead in the polls, Edwards early campaigning in the state and his internet savvy gives him a good shot at her.

While we the people were participating in an old fashioned Town Hall in Reno, they hung Saddam in Iraq. Speaking of Iraq, Edwards voted for the war there but now considers it a mistake. Someone asked what he learned from that mistake. He said to trust his gut better, that he had a feeling that war was not the answer. When asked what the difference was between 2004 and now, he said he wanted to be a good candidate then - now he wants to be a good president. I got the feeling he was ready to step into the job.

Regarding world security matters he cited the Middle East and China as potential trouble ahead. He is against preemptive war. On Nevada issues he said, "Yucca Mountain does not work," citing doctored documents and the danger of transporting nuclear waste accross the country. He is for public financing of campaigns, thinks No Child Left Behind does not work, supports same sex civil unions, public funding of stem cell research and wants to help college students with books and tuition for 15 hours of work a week.

An early poll of likely democratic caucus goers, taken just before Christmas shows Edwards in fifth place (Clinton 37%, Undecided 23%, Obama 12%, Kerry 9%, Edwards 8%, Others 11%). Its important for Edwards to make a good showing here in Nevada if his campaign is to continue after the caucus. He pronounces the name of our state right, thats a real plus. Plus he has a whole year to reach out to Nevadans. It was good to hear that Elizabeth is in good health. We expect John Edwards to finish in the top two.

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